Sunday, May 27, 2007


Turns out, this weekend has been too hot for much of anything except sitting around, feeling exhausted. That's ok - every once in a while, you just gotta let the body crash, right? So, in the spirit of using this down time to catch up with the internets, I bring you new photos and new blogs, two great tastes that taste great together.

Of course, this Bamboo Village blog is just a wee fledgling, so if anyone is reading, you certainly have come here because you know me already. I've already linked some of my favorite blogs in the bar on the right, but this week, I've made some new discoveries and thought I'd share:

ONE: I found this blogger by browsing through a Wee Wonderfuls photostream. She happens to be a fellow Pennsylvanian, and has a gallery show of her quilts coming up! Here she is, Keet Leibowitz.

TWO: This blogger isn't new to me, in fact she's one of my best friends! Knittah of Travels with Swatchy had some real excitement this week when another of that blog's contributors went to the S&B at Lettuce Knit and met Stephanie Pearl McPhee. Indeed, Swatchy was even mentioned on the blog of the Yarn Harlot herself. Terribly exciting, not only for reasons obvious to us all, but also for the attention it will bring to the Swatchy blog and to CFIDS. Way to go, team!

(A little aside here to tell you that yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Knittah engaging in one of our favorite pass times: fiber shopping. We went to Yarnings and spend a delicious time there, enjoying the 25% off sale and spending way too much money (at least I did!). The coolest part was when we were sitting chatting with a young knitter, who, upon hearing that my companion was the proprietress of Travels with Swatchy, said "YOU're Swatchy?" It was one of the neatest moments ever, made even sweeter because I will still take the credit for getting Knittah away from crocheting with - gasp - acrylic yarn and bringing her firmly into the world of knitting. Job well done, me!)

THREE: Plushyou. Need I say more?

And now I give you a photo of the most artfully made latte I have had in more than 10 years:

And here are a few shots of me and Zegang, on a fishing trip last weekend:


patti said...

what a neat blog you have! I am so glad you are making rowena- I absolutely love this sweater. What yarn are you using? I used elsbeth lavold's silky wool, which I love.

I will have to look you up on etsy- sounds like bamboo village is interesting!!

Have a beautiful, blessed day!


Celeste said...

Hi Patti! Thanks for stopping by! :D

I'm actually using some amazing yarn I got in China! Worsted weight, but the same soft wool I have listed in my shop. It's really delightful. I'll post a picture tonight - I took some this weekend but they were all blurry.

I'm glad to have your link here now so I can always find you in the future (I linked to you from work, so no bookmarks!).