Sunday, June 24, 2007

a little customer love

One of the best things about having these shops is hearing back from customers! Dotty has been with me from the get-go on Bamboo Village Press. I never asked her how she found me, but she's been loyal, remarkably easy-to-work-with, and generous with her feedback.

I always make a point to ask people to show me how they use the supplies and other items I send them, and she never fails. Here are some socks she's made with the "super soft wool" yarn, in the two-tone natural, and the grass green:

This morning, I found another terrific bit of feedback from Dotty, along with the green sock photo. Thanks again, Dotty, for your support, friendship, and taking the time to share your projects!

And, in case you don't know, I've moved the supplies from Bamboo Village Press over to Bamboo Village Supply! Free shipping in both shops continues until the end of June. I'll be back later today to report in on my latest Asian supermarket find, progress on Rowena and Breeze, and more!


Anonymous said...

Bamboo Village Supply link leads s/b etsy??

Celeste said...

thank you!