Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer End

With no Internet at home right now, it's been a challenging week, lemme tell ya! Here's a bit of what's happening in Bamboo Village, despite the lack of DSL...

1) We sent the money over to Zhang Lin! This is so exciting, I can't even bear it! I can't believe this really happened. Eight months ago I was meeting Lin for the first time, and now we're really sponsoring her high school education. This is such an unexpected turn in my life path, and I'm really thrilled to have it be happening!

2) Today I received some gorgeous earrings for Bamboo Village Press, donated by a new Guest Artist, Lori of Jealous Jewelry on Etsy. I'll fill you in on all the details either this afternoon or after the long weekend. As soon as my summer sale is over, I'll be putting her gorgeous earrings up in the shop along with some other brand new products.

3) Way on the other side of the world, the rice harvest is under way. Several years ago I got to be in DaMiao Village for the rice harvest, and I can tell you it's really an incredible process. There's absolutely no mechanization. I have some photos of the rice harvest and other DaMiao Village shots still residing in an old online album on Webshots. I hope to post more about it next week.

OK, my time is out for this morning! Just a reminder: several items are currently discounted for my summer sale through September 8th. Anything left from the sale section will be leaving the shop after the 8th, so get them while you can!

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