Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pain in the Pi-gu, or the Great Tyrolean Arse-Kicking

Hello. I’m Celeste, and I’m not a sock knitter.

I know, it’s so shocking, in this current craze of sock knitting. But hey, they just don’t do much for me! Small needles, tiny yarn... counting, and lace, and all that... it just doesn’t inspire me.

However, when I saw the Tyrolean Stockings in the latest Interweave Knits, I went out and invested shocking amounts of money in gorgeous yarn and cast on. It’s been an arse-whooping experience ever since.

I can’t really say why this is happening, expect maybe to admit that I'm not such a great knitter! I won't be admitting that, so it's got to be something else! I’ve been traveling a lot, so I thought this would be good for plane rides and airport waits. Good for late nights in beds that aren’t my own. Long car rides. You know. But for some reason, I get into some kind of blank, zen-like state and miss a cable. Or cable twice in two rows. Or knit through where I should have cabled. Or cable in the wrong direction. You get the picture.

At least I’m learning how to fix bad cables without ripping back. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo at one of the worst moments, when I had 8 needles active at once.

What is most remarkable is that I haven’t given up yet. You can see why I have a block on socks.


noricum said...

Everyone can't knit everything... lace whups my ass! (Take it slow and steady and you can win... even though you may not enjoy the process.)

Korin said...

I have tried so hard to love sock knitting. alas. i think it is not for me. Of course that doesn't stop me from buying sock yarn and casting on. lol