Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"tuo xiang le" - I've succombed

I might as well admit it: I've been a little more than naughty lately. I just adopted Devon's yarn collection, which amounts to a mountain of high-quality wool (like Malabrigo, Peace Fleece, and LTK yarn), and today the zakka got the best of me, and I bought this gorgeous book. It's much more exotic for the fact that it's being shipped from Japan! Who can resist this kind of ethereal cuteness???

I was sorely tempted to get this book, too:

Otherwise, this week has been all about work, and sadly, not Bamboo Village work. I've got several things in the pipelines, though. Maybe I'll manage to get them photographed for your perusal today.

I did manage to get a post up on Travels With Swatchy, though, so that was a huge relief! I've taken Swatchy many places this summer, so I've got to start getting them written up.

The best news of this week is that we confirmed the money transfer has been successfully completed - Zhang Lin's tuition is paid! Hoooooray! Interesting that this is 9 months after our visit to China - a nice gestation period for Bamboo Village and our first successful sponsorship. :o)

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