Saturday, October 20, 2007

hu xi - breathe

In Bamboo Village, autumn has settled in. The rice is harvested and winter crops are taking root. Children are back in school. Nights have become cold.

Meanwhile, here in the northeast region of the United States, it still feels like summer. The cooling and grounding of fall has yet to reach us, and it seems like in my own life, the heat and discomfort of summer months continues in many areas. So much is currently unsettled for me that I am simply putting nose to grindstone to get through it. I'm waiting for the calming, cool relief of fall in oh, so many ways.

In an attempt to quiet the mind and restore some comfort to this time, I've taken up the needles. Last weekend, I went up to Reading, PA with knittah, and we spend a couple of happy hours fondling yarn and chatting with the wonderful women at the Yarn Gallery. I walked out with Baby Alpaca Grande in a gorgeous moss green for this Drops jacket pattern. And since then, I've been spending my evenings with this heavenly yarn, knitting and sometimes just holding (because it's soooooo soft) this amazing fiber.

Coming soon, we have a new Guest Artist!

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