Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jie–shao – Guest Artist Altinay Designs

Just in time for the holiday season comes Altinay, who has showered her support on us by contributing a beautiful Asian-themed necklace and earring set to Bamboo Village!

Not only are these pieces stunning, but they’re extra special because of the Chinese theme. Taking her inspiration from the novel The Secret Fan, the necklace features a carved fan pendant, with the body of the necklace and the earrings in a beautiful red coral.

Here’s an excerpt from her Etsy Profile Description:

My name is Altinay (pronounced Al-ti-nai), which means "golden moon" in Kyrgyz and other Turkic languages.

Jewelry design presents a crossroad where several of my passions meet: appreciation for aesthetic beauty and applied art, love for unique jewelry, and fascination with stones and crystals, and their inherent metaphysical qualities.

I create eclectic pieces that are unique, timeless, and do not necessarily follow the fashion trends of the day. Although I do not adhere to and limit myself to one particular style, at times I draw inspiration from my heritage and the traditional jewelry made by silversmiths of Central Asia, as well as ethnic / tribal jewelry from other regions of the world. I like incorporating tribal beads, like vibrant hand-crafted Tibetan beads and pendants, in my designs and giving a contemporary interpretation to old pieces.

A deep thanks to Altinay for contacting me and for her support!

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