Wednesday, December 26, 2007

节日- Holidays - 冬至- Winter Solstice

I'm away and traveling for the holidays, (and so happy to be online, however briefly, after 4 days) but just read a nice summary of Chinese Winter Solstice and thought I'd share! Happy winter!

Wish me happy driving tomorrow, when I'll be making the 6-hour drive home. :o)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Chinese holiday traditions. I love reading about holidays. As a teacher, it is fun to pass on other cultural traditions to my students and parents. Hope you had an uneventful ride home! mama

ArtMind said...

Hey Celeste, my partner is having his birthday on the 21th and that is a real gift to him as he loves to be outside and can't wait for the days to get longer again.
I loved reading the information you put in the link.
Have a good start of the New Year!