Sunday, January 27, 2008

Read All About It!

Here's a little linky for Sunday night: the blog Arts in RI interviewed me, and the post is up. This Etsy street team of Rhode Island artists is writing a cool series of "Etsy Rhode Trips," interviewing sellers from the 50 US states. I'm happy to be in position in spot number 9!

Here it is: Stop Nine on our Etsy Rhode Trip: Pennsylvania!

A happy little tidbit about the RI Street Team: one of the members is our own Guest Artist: SeaFindDesigns!

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always young at heart said...

It was fun to spend a few minutes to read your interview and learn some interesting things like your favorite colors! Thanks for the commitment to the children of China. More of these simple acts of caring and kindness are needed. This is what grassroots is all about.