Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been listening to Chinese Pod on my walk to & from work (when I'm not listening to Lime and Violet!), and one particularly fun episode is about onomatopoeias. Here are a few, for your entertainment:

pron: she-lee-hoo-loo (xilihulu) - "slurp"
pron: hwa-hwa (huahua) - "gurgle" as in a river
pron: she-she (xixi) - "tee-hee"
pron: ka-cha (kacha) - "click"

So, here, in honor of the sound a camera makes - kacha - are some photos:

2 new listings in Bamboo Village Supply: angora yarn and Fighting Dragons fabric

Yesterday we went to a big Asian market on Washington Street and to Fabric Row in Philly. Fabric Row was a total dud, but we stocked up on provisions and made some friends at the market.

To my amusement, I found Pocky, a Japanese pretzel I had when I was in Japan in 1986.

I also got a whole bunch of zakka Japanese candies, so send out with Bamboo Village orders.

We still haven't received the photo of our chosen scholarship recipient - hopefully it will come in the mail this week with a phone number in her village so we can hammer out the details. I will be posting the details as soon as I have 'em!

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child_of_africa said...

oh dear! no photo of scholarship recipient :( i will launch an investigation...