Sunday, June 10, 2007

mang se-le

"mang se-le" basically means "so busy, it's killing me" and that's how the past month has been! At my day job, I'm driving my little marketing team to all ends of the earth to meet a deadline we have looming on Wednesday, which explains the lack of creative posting here. In fact, I'm about to head to the office, on this Sunday morning.

I have, however, managed to begin the process of diving Bamboo Village Press... I opened Bamboo Village Supply so that I would have a specific place to sell the yarn, fabric and other Chinese curiosities.

I also did something fun: I continued the process of settling into my at-home studio/craft room. Here's the Wall of Fiber:

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Korin said...

oooooooh a wall of fiber. sigh it's lovely :D