Sunday, November 18, 2007

新东西 - New Stuff - Gocco & Fiber

Happy Sunday! The Nadeau girls have been busy this weekend, making and finishing new items for the shop!

After a successful rollout of my hand knit coffee cozy last week, I've made two more - a knit one and a new quilted cozy in rich Asian blues.

And we were so excited to get the Gocco rolling yesterday. After spending about 8 hours on our feet, testing out designs and print quality and color, we've got two new designs by Laurie up in the shop! Click the graphic and check them out in full detail. We'd love your feedback!


Korin said...

Damn! I love love love those floursack towels. lol I'll keep my eye on them, for when I am need of more. right now i ahve about 100, but some are going the way of the dodo. lol

Korin said...

oh my god! I love the purrrrl cards. love them! I may have to make a big fat order from BVP :D

Celeste said...

LOL! Won't it be nice when I'm putting all this stuff together right in your neighborhood?!? You might end up with Happiness Fish wallpaper! ;o)

Thanks for the encouragements!

noricum said...

More lovely stuff! How does the printing on the towels hold up to washing?

If only I were independently wealthy... ;)

Celeste said...

thanks for the comment, noricum - i'm taking your question to the test and running the towels again through the wash. all the reviews i've come across say that the gocco ink for fabric is great, but seeing is believing, right? i'll post more about that!

Celeste said...

OK, this is the post-washing report:

The ink held up perfectly in the washer and dryer. No cracking or fading (or bleeding!).

To read more about this ink, Google "Gocco stamp ink for fabric"