Saturday, December 15, 2007

收获 - acquisitions - prints!

收获 acquisition/pron: shou1 huo4

Today I thought I'd share some of the fabulous finds I've come across (and taken home) lately. Etsy is the most amazing marketplace, bursting with talents on the rise and those cruising right along. Since my housing situation changed about 2 months ago, I've been trying to beautify my living space, and this weekend, I'm framing some of the pieces I've got to hang up on these walls!

Joseph Blake

My first introduction is Joseph Blake, a Philadelphia illustrator, is a recent RISD grad. I've been admiring his work since discovering his shop a few months ago, and finally couldn't resist grabbing up one of this prints for myself.

This is the one I got, titled Midwinter:

Joseph got this into the mail immediately, and it arrived the next day, much to my delight. The packaging was impeccable, beautifully put together with extras and a personal note on the back of the print. Fabulosity!

I will definitely be following this rising star. I love his visual tone and his little narratives about the pieces. On some of his listings, he even shows the originals in his work space, which I just adore. I wrote to him that he reminds me of one of my very favorite children's lit illustrators: David Christiana:

I've already got Midwinter framed and ready to hang next to another recent acquisition: Snow Day.


Now, of course I'm partial to this particular print, since it was made by my roomie and sister and I got to see every step of the creative process, but seriously? this is one of the cutest things ever. I can just see these two being transformed into rag dolls of the sort I played with as a kid, the sort made by our grandmas. This was our first experiment with 2-color Gocco printing with registration, and it was a phenomenal success.

Strawberry Luna

Back in August, Laurie and I went to see fabulous, joy-provoking Rufus Wainwright, and afterwards, she found another Etsy genius: Strawberry Luna, a print maker who makes gig posters! She surprised me with a gift of this fabulous print from the show:


Finally, one last print is on its way to me, and it's by an artist from France! I just love being able to purchase fantastic art from folks in other countries, and have had lineanongrata in my list of favorites for quite some time. Her story is personally inspiring - she talks about her journey through other professions before going into illustration in her Etsy profile. I love knowing this about her... as another one who is coming to her artistic senses after working in other careers, I feel a kinship with this woman. I love her style and look forward to growing my collection. I can't wait to get this print in the mail: wintergirl

Are you seeing a theme coming together here?? I've got kiddos on my mind lately, and just love the idea of filling my "children & creativity" feng shui area of my home with these gorgeous and inspiring works!

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