Monday, February 4, 2008

春节愉快 - Happy Spring Festival

Happy Chinese New Year!

Lest you be thinking "what's she talking about? Chinese New Year was TWO days ago," don't be alarmed! Spring Festival actually lasts for TWELVE days, so I've got plenty of time.

I swear, I had all good intentions of having a Chinese New Year, and New Year's Eve post. They were actually saved as drafts. My week got steamrolled halfway through, and I'm only just now starting to recover. Not that it was bad news, not at all; in fact, I'll be making happy announcements soon. For now, though, it's all wrapped up in shiny red paper to be cherished and savored, much like Chinese New Year!

Would you just look at this little peanut? This is the daughter of one of my awesome customers, who recently purchased the dragon papercut iron-on you see on Little Cutie's shirt. How cool is that? I used to always ask those who purchased supplies to send photos, but I gave that up after a while. So, this picture, left in my feedback, was a very pleasant surprise. A special thank you to her, for sending the pic and allowing me to post it here.

I think she looks perfectly prepared for some lion dancing and fire crackers!

So, Happy Spring Festival, all! The Year of the Rat is here!


Anonymous said...

So nice to see how the Chinese papercuts look on a Tshirt. And on such a cutie. That is twice as nice.

Jennifer Ladd said...

Your welcome for the photo - the cut-out transfer looked so cute on the tee-shirt that I was glad to share it with you!!
Happy New Year (or Happy Tet, in Vietnam!)