Thursday, February 21, 2008

She's One!

Happy Etsyversary, Bamboo Village!

Well, Saturday marks my one year mark on Etsy! In one year, we've accomplished so much! I've refined my product line and introduced a bunch of new designs. We've made over 300 sales, and raised more than $1000 for the Fund, including money raised through the shop as well as direct donations.

In the first year, I was also invited to participate in a gallery show, and now have some of my own items for sale in a bricks and mortar store in Seattle, and yet another design being used by a Chinese brush painting artist as her price tags. I've also had a few of my items on the home page at Etsy, in January I was a featured artist on Poppytalk Handmade, and have been spotlighted on several blogs. I've had the privelege of sending Bamboo Village Press goodies to four continents and at least nine countries. Wow, that's more than I ever dreamed of, really.

We've also had the immense and humbling experience of working with these amazing guest artists:

OUOU Designs

Anonymous Guest Artist

Sea Find Designs

Jealous Jewelry

Altinay Designs

Field & Sea

Additionally, we have another new guest artist, waiting in the wings! We'll be unveiling the stunning items she's contributed in the next month, as a part of the celebration!

Thank you all for making this year so amazing, but mostly, for making it possible for us to sponsor Zhang Lin less than 5 months after we started Bamboo Village Educational Fund. The next year promises to bring with it lots of surprises, lots of new successes and creativity.


Laurie said...

It has been a pleasure to watch the evolution of Bamboo Village Press and the careful attention, inspiration, and love that you have put into this venture.

Add to that all the stories and support from truly generous souls, the shop's evolution, the ups and downs of selling and creation standing side by side with remarkable life-changing (world-changing!) opportunity you give to the upcoming generation.

I'm so amazed by you!
I can't wait to see what unfolds in the upcoming year!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been a whole year! I agree - you are an inspiration. Congrats. With the gargantuan number of esty-ers out there, it's really something to have accomplished all that you have in such a short period of time. Keep up the great work! -Shen

Tizzalicious said...

Happy Etsyversary!

always young at heart said...

I am so proud of the way you have taken an idea and made it blossom under your watchful eye. You have the soul of an artist matched with a generous heart: a lovely combination. Congrats from 2 of your biggest fans on Cape Cod.

altinay said...

Dear Celeste, happy Etsyversary! I am so excited for you and your store and the Fund. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for acknowledging me and other guest artists. I'd like to donate another piece or two in near future.

ArtMind said...

Happy Etsyversary, Celeste!
You've done a great job in one year - amazing! I adore your work and your perseverance. Good luck to a great further (Etsy)-future!
Hugs from your little Belgian friend. :)

Tizzalicious said...
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