Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy News!

With the total lack of posting and new products in Bamboo Village, one might wonder if all the little pandas are hibernating... but it's not the case, I promise. Instead, the head panda in charge (that would be me) has been cooking up something big for the last 3 months, namely two little babies.

That's right - I'm pregnant, with twins! This is a long-awaited state, and I'm so excited about the whole thing. I'm also exhausted, pretty much all the time, which might explain why there's been nothing but silence from me lately.

The other announcement is that Bamboo Village is going to be moving! In late April, I'll be packing all my supplies, my trusty Gocco printer, and all those huge maternity clothes, and moving to the ultimate crafty city of Portland, Oregon. The shop will be closed for about 6-8 weeks during the transition.

I hope all my faithful friends and well-beloved guest artists will forgive my silence over these past months, now that I've revealed the true state of affairs. Know that I value you all beyond measure and look forward to lots of fantastic promotions and growth in the months to come.


noricum said...

Congratulations! I was wondering what had happened to you. Twins! How exciting!!!

ArtMind said...

Congratulations, Celeste!
Me too was wondering why I heard so little of you! What an exciting news this is! Wish you a wonderful pregnancy and hope all goes well!
Good luck with moving too!

Tala said...

Congratulations! TWINS, that's amazing! (I just found out I'm preggers, too!) And a move to Portland! I'm jealous - I'd LOVE to move to Portland! Hopefully the pregnancy and the move are both easy-peasy - good luck!

Black Cat Handspun

altinay said...

That's a fantastic news, Celeste! Congratulations!!!