Monday, April 14, 2008

Changes Abound

The time came over the weekend for me to close up shop. We're moving in only 2 weeks, and the necessary packing, combined with the increased energy needs of this pregnancy, mean that I'm going to need every minute I can get.

Fortunately, here in Eastern PA, spring is in full force, which is a very cheery thing. Who doesn't love this season? Even with allergies (and I get hit hard), it's pure delight.

When I lived in Chengdu, China, I looked forward to the green and wonder of spring every year. Sadly, I didn't have the awesome camera I have now... I wish I could go back to capture all the incredible details. In just a few weeks, the rice paddies will be flooded and rice plants started in small corners of their muddy confines. Fresh veggies, including my favorite springtime treat, pea shoots, are already up and flourishing. The folks in rural Sichuan are no doubt busy with all the farm work that will carry them through spring, summer and fall.

So, we'll see you from Portland in a few weeks! Thanks for your patience with the blog and the shop.

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