Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Sichuan Coverage

Today on Talk of the Nation, they're interviewing NPR reporters who were actually in Sichuan when the earthquake struck.

After 6pm Eastern time, they'll have it uploaded so you can listen to it. Here's the link.

I've been looking for current blogs written by people on the ground in Sichuan, but am having a hard time finding any that are really talking about up-to-date issues. If anyone out there happens to have any links, I'd love it if you'd post them in the comments.

Daniel is leaving tomorrow for his trip to Chengdu, and of course I'm just longing to be on the trip with him. I hope he'll be able to take a lot of photos, and beyond that, I hope that he'll be able to help in some way. Maybe he'll come back with some new ideas for Bamboo Village and how we might be able to help from here.

Thank you for your comments - it really meant a lot to me, to feel like Bamboo Village is something more than just me posting random things about the Fund or the shop. I was also amazed yesterday to be contacted through Etsy by someone asking when the shop would be opening up again.

I'm not yet sure when I will be able to get the shop back up. It involves quite a bit of space, and of course, the physical ability to run the shop properly. The twins are due sometime between September 5 and October 10, so that last 6 weeks is probably out, though my sister has said she'd help me run the shop. I don't know... we're living out of boxes right now. Part of me really wants to get things rolling again, especially in light of current events in Sichuan. If anyone has any advice or ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Finally, we still haven't located Zhang Lin. Daniel is going to make sure to track her family down while he's there, and he's carrying her scholarship money for the next school year with him. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

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noricum said...

Googling, I found this one:
but I didn't check to see if it was talking about up-to-date stuff...