Thursday, October 29, 2009

working it

Today, instead of spending the day wondering how to fit things in, I just sort of did it. This meant no down time when the twins were napping, and it meant an extra messy kitchen by late afternoon, but I got some solid things done!

I made my weekly trip to the post office to send Etsy mail out. I found the designs I'm going to print in a second print run and got them Xeroxed - this is one of the steps fors screen printing with a Gocco printer. Rather than spending the time required to clear myself a work space on the kitchen table (which is currently half-occupied by a baby blanket I'm making), I set up on the floor amidst all the toys and burned two silk screens. I also didn't manage to get it all put away before Max woke up, so he had a few brief moments of Gocco fun before I swooped in and moved my precious printer.

This weekend I'll be prepping to screen some double happiness fish kitchen towels. Hooray!

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